Foreign Exchange

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Whether you are buying an overseas property, a UK property from abroad or making regular international payments, selecting the right provider can save you thousands in exchange rate margin and transfer fees. High street banks are notoriously expensive, but for small amounts like holiday spending money many people are prepared to pay for the convenience. What if the amounts are more significant or far more regular?

Brunswick’s partner moneycorp is an award-winning foreign exchange specialist with over 35 years’ experience in the industry. Their market expertise saves clients time and money on their international payments and currency transactions. The International Payments division provides secure international money transfers at competitive exchange rates and assigns every customer their own personal account manager to look after their money transfer and offer guidance on foreign exchange market movements.

Ensuring clients’ funds are secure at all times is key to their service. With a strong balance sheet, moneycorp is able to assure clients that they are dealing with an established organisation with strong financial credentials. As an Authorised Payment Institution, they ensure customer funds are safeguarded and held in segregated client accounts, kept separate from their business account. 

  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Personal account manager
  • Authorised and regulated by the FCA
  • Safeguarded customer funds

moneycorp Online

The online dealing and international payments platform allows you to manage multiple foreign exchange deals. You can hold balances in up to 32 currencies and easily store and update all of your payment beneficiary details.

  • Highly competitive real-time exchange rates and low transfer fees
  • Reporting and management information
  • Payment tracking and automated beneficiary notification alerts
  • Beneficiary bank account verification

Brunswick International's foreign exchange service partner, MoneyCorp  

Brunswick International's foreign exchange service partner, MoneyCorp

Architecture blueprint with pen and ruler

Property Purchase

More than 80% of the transactions moneycorp do for individuals are related to property purchase and maintenance so they really do understand the journey of buying a home across borders. Often clients will look at currency exchange rates in advance of the purchase and data shows that clients who register early, save more. Two options with moneycorp that perfectly suit a property purchase are;


Forward Contracts

Lock into an exchange rate for a period of up to two years.
Forward contracts are often used to protect international payments from adverse foreign exchange market behaviour. With an exchange rate locked on a future payment you can accurately plan your future budgets and stop worrying about unpredictable market rates. A forward contract allows you to lock into an exchange rate for a period of up to two years. This means that if exchange rates do move against you, your rate – and therefore property purchase or transfer – remains unaffected.

Market Orders

Target an exchange rate not currently available on the market.
Market orders are used if you don't need to make a payment immediately and you think the market rates for a currency could improve in your favour. You let us know what rate you want to trade at, and we book your deal when the market reaches that rate. Your personal account manager will help you set a target rate they believe is achievable within your specified time frame.