Feel Like You Got A Great Deal On Your Currency?

If you are off soon on your first holiday of the year, what are you going to do about getting some spending money? There are a number of methods open to you: pick up some cash when next in your bank for example. The problem is that we visit the bank less and less these days so it might require a special trip. If you do venture out, then what about visiting the bureau de change in town or the post office instead? Maybe just leave it until you arrive on holiday and use your debit card in the first ATM you see - probably at the airport on arrival...

All of these will work of course but none of them are going to leave you thinking you have just got a great deal. The only way to guarantee the absence of a grimace is by using a low margin on-line service such as the one we recommend provided by moneycorp. For details of how easy it is to carry foreign cash around in the form of a prepaid currency card and all the associated benefits, such as competitive rates, free ATM use and the ability to top it up whilst away, click here

Simon Hills